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Future of Home: Clean Slate

Sabrina Jetton, Senior Creative Director2 分読み

Consumers are worried that worry is now just a part of modern life—if only we could clean the slate and keep it clean and worry free.

But the messy world keeps invading consumers’ minds and bodies. People are drawn to brands that work full-time to minimize debilitating worry so we feel invincible again.

The Opportunity: Micro-Shifts

Leading brands are confident enough to admit that they have often been part of the problem by occupying people’s minds and lives. They recognize the value of stepping over onto the consumers’ side and helping clean the slate, while also empowering consumers with complete control.

Enabler Brands focus new innovation on incremental improvements and the familiar. They recognize that it’s the simple little innovative changes that surprise and delight, rather than forcing the consumer to adjust to major changes that upend their world. The delightful combination of familiarity and greatness engages consumers and helps clean the slate while calming the mind.

Successful brands work non-stop to offset an unending stream of worries. Beloved brands don’t add mental clutter by being merely adequate—they consistently provide clear, secure and comfortable paths for people to live worry-free.

The next decade of consumer loyalty will be built by brands who create a sense of peace and invincibility that enables consumers to stride out once again.

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Gunrid Air Purifying Curtain

Clean the air, clean the slate: this purely simple innovation transforms everyday curtains into a mineral-based air purification system for indoor air.



Spot My UV

Worry free technology that enables you to spend time in the sun with the safety
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Spot My UV

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